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6500nits BRIGHTNESS Ph4.8 outdoor led display
Release time:2016-12-08 14:39:38

Why we designed 6500 nits brightness level Ph4.8/Ph6.2 ?
In nowaday rental led display market, most suppliers providing only around 4500-5000 nits brightness outdoor led display, it says "Outdoor", but in fact, brightness 4500-5000 nits led display is only half outdoor use, is it acceptable for events ? yes, it can but need to make a stage cover so that the audience can see and feel the exist of led display, because in some sunshine outdoor events, 4500-5000 nits led display cannot see, it looks like a projector -_-!, some clients complains: you said it is outdoor led display, why Cannot see ? what is happening ? Can improve the exist brightness ? .. the answers usually make you cry -_-! , so comes this 6500 nits brightness design, it is real outdoor brightness 6500 nits at least, available for both indoor and outdoor.

How can we reach this brightness 6500- 7000nits ? improve the LED ? IC ? or other materials ?

When we promoting this P4.8 at 6500nits brightness, the market responsed fast ,confused with Questions, we talked our new design to some of our customers, the first Question they asked : how is it possible reach 6500nits brightness ? many big companies only can make 4500-5000nits.. we don't follow other companies ,we have our own design,  after we redesign the P4.81, n our test, it is true, the white balance color is very pure, topest brightness 6800nits, lowest 6500nits.

The second Question they asked: you increased the PCB current ,correct ? increase the current can improve the brightness.,
it sounds true but what we did in Ph4.81 outdoor, we have not increased the current to reach target brightness, in our test, each module P4.8 250x250mm current is 11.5 amps, each cabinet 500x500mm is only 46 amps 230W, that means we use only one power 5V 60A in one cabinet, it is normal and standard power QTY.

How can we reach brightness ? what materials we use ?
For a P4.8 outdoor rental led display to reach this brightness is easy and difficult, first thing we pick up the good quality SMD, in order to have a good brightness, also a stable quality image, the second thing we redesign our PCB, each PCB we use 96 pcs driver IC, 4 layers for circuits, also for a good heat desippation, materials and design both all important.

Why many companies don't make ? because the materials and design very expensive ?

No, 6500nits brightness Ph4.8 outdoor offer is affortable for most customers, it is a new staff, HD resolution outdoor rental led display, it can help to win in the market, many companies don't make and improve because they thought rental customers can accept 4500 nits brightness, they don't need higher brightness -_-! , Let the market tell the left story !

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