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  • SP Series -Sport Perimeters
  • SP Series -Sport Perimeters
  • SP Series -Sport Perimeters
SP Series -Sport Perimeters
SP Series -Sport Perimeters
SP series- Sport stadium led screen is a series which use for sport stadium for Brand marketing during sport events, such as World cup etc. the advertising is simple with companies LOGOS, such as NIKE, COCACALA,SONY etc, this series led screen require very strictly in led screen cabinet design, soft mask to protect led ,also security glue, our sport stadium led screen is specific designly with standing legs, viewing adjustable parts, both available standing and angle-standing for target audiences.


High Quality LED
We use very high quality LED for this stadium sports series, SMD3528/SMD3535/DIP346 all in high quality level.

MBI Driver IC

MBI driver IC solution make this series LED screen stable and a higher level quality.



Top Security Glue 

Top security Glue for protection as sport event committee requires.

Viewing Angle Legs
This series sport stadium led screen viewing angle is adjustable with this legs, for target audience.

EU standard connectors
We choose EU standard powercon and ethercon for sport stadium led screen.

90 degree standing legs

This legs is to support sport stadium cabinet 90 degree standing, plus viewing angle standing legs, both integrated.



Soft Mask

Soft Module Mask well protected the led screen cabinet, also the players.

High brightness
This sport stadium led screen brightness is high for outdoor purpose.

High Quality Power
High Quality  power driver for this series LED screen, to ensure success during events operation.


Waterproof protection front side and rear side, 24 hours /whole weather outdoor rental events.



EMC Certification 

This Series LED screen product pass EMC tests as sports commitee requires.

Fast installation Locks
Fast installation locks help the connection during events, save much time.




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